WHO ... can play on Thursday Men's Day?

Adult males, member or non-member.

... runs Thursday Men's Day?

No one really runs Men's Day. It's simply an afternoon reserved for men to get together and golf.

WHAT ... is the format?

The format is whatever you want it to be. Play a round. Participate in the flag prizes and meal if you desire.

... is included?

Flag prizes and the a meal after golf are available.

WHEN ... is it?

Men's Day runs all year, every Thursday unless for some reason another event had to be scheduled on that day. Typically, we stay away from scheduling other events on Thursday Men's Day.

... can other golfers play on Thursdays?

Open Play for all just be aware that it is considered a Men's Social day.

WHERE ... do I go when I get there?

Check out a cart at the counter, purchase something from the bar if you desire, put your money in for flags and go golf!

WHY ... isn't there an actual format?

Thursday Men's Day is meant to be a relaxed day of golf.

HOW ... many players do I need for a team?

You don't actually need a team unless you choose to compete against another golfer, golfer(s) or group. You can golf in groups from 1-6.