WHO ... can play on Friday Fun Day?

Anyone, member or non-member.

... runs Friday Fun Day?

No one really runs Friday Fun Day. It's simply an afternoon reserved for everyone to come out and play competitively or just for fun. Couples and pairs are encouraged but not required.

WHAT ... is the format?

The format is whatever you want it to be. Play a round. Pair up with another couple, pair or group and golf competitively or just for fun. Or, just come out and play.

... if I'm not a member?

You simply pay green fees and cart if you want one.

... about food?

Food isn't included but place your order before you tee off and we'll have it ready around the time you're finished.

WHEN ... is it?

Every Friday at 6:00 PM - but Friday is also open golf for everyone.

WHERE ... do I go when I get there?

Check out a cart at the counter, purchase something from the bar if you desire, pair up if you desire, or not, and get out and play!

WHY ... isn't there an actual format?

Friday Fun Day is meant to be a relaxed day of golf with the opportunity to play with others.

HOW ... many players do I need for a team?

You don't actually need a team unless you choose to compete against another golfer, golfer(s) or group. You can golf in groups from 1-4, (8 total if competing against others).