Welcome to Lakeside Golf Club

From the Board of Directors

 Enclosed with this letter you will find the 2018 Membership plans, please take the time to review and choose the plan that fits your situation the best.  Please note that in some cases this will result in a fee reduction compared to what you paid last year.  These changes were made in response to the input we received from the membership throughout the year and specifically at the annual membership meeting held in October.  For those of you that have paid your memberships for 2018 early, first of all…Thank You very much…but secondly if the plan you choose for 2018 is less than the fees you have already paid, we will reimburse you or you can receive a clubhouse credit for the difference.

As we detailed to the attending members at the October general meeting, the Club is facing some major financial hurdles as we deal with our declining membership and rising costs.  We have already taken a number ofsteps to address this issue, including securing a new operating loan, reducing existing operating expenses and maximizing our available income streams.  However, what we really need your help in addressing our biggest need which is to bring new members into the club.  As you will notice on the attached Membership Plan Sheet, in addition to offering a new monthly payment plan though an automatic withdrawal program, we are also offering a new lower costmembership for all new members this year and a 10% commission fee in clubhouse credits for any new members that you recruit into the club this year. (This applies to membership fee only.)   Watch your emails for new club events aimed at getting new potential members into the club.  Again…this is where we can really help ourselves financially for the future.  As in the past please note that membership dues are due January 1st and are delinquent on April 1st but we are asking that you send them in as soon as financially feasible.

Men’s Leagues sign ups are due by April 1st this year, but please call and reserve your teams spot as soon as possible as we want to have League Divisions set up as soon as possible.  (Also, you can let non members know that they can participate in our League but they must pay regular green fees and have an established USGA handicap.)

In closing, please accept our sincere thanks to all of you who not only play golf here….but also participate in the leagues and social events, patronize the clubhouse for food, beverages and merchandise…you truly make this a special place!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Years
Board of Directors